Ghost Follower Remover


Ghost followers are inactive or fake accounts that follow a user on Instagram. They do not engage with the user’s content, but inflate the number of followers they have.

Remove harmful ghost followers that keep your engagement rate low and prevent you from growing.


Simply sign up, choose a plan, link your account and select filters as well as speed to remove inactive followers.


Removing ghost followers can have several benefits, including:

    • Improving engagement rates: Removing inactive or fake followers can improve the overall engagement rate on your posts, as the remaining followers are more likely to be active and engaged.


    • Increased credibility: Having a large number of ghost followers can make your account appear inauthentic or artificially inflated, and removing them can increase the credibility of your account and its content.


    • Better targeting: By removing ghost followers, you can get a more accurate picture of your true audience, allowing you to better target your content and engagement efforts to the people who are most likely to respond positively.
    • Improved account performance: Instagram uses engagement metrics to determine the visibility of an account’s content, so removing ghost followers can potentially improve the performance of your account and its reach on the platform.

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Most asked questions regarding our Ghost Follower Remover
Usually the service can remove up to several hundred accounts per day. There is a limit we set on purpose in order to stay safe.
Well the most important metric for the Instagram algorithm is engagement rate and by blocking dead accounts you automatically increase it a lot. This will increase the overall reach of your content tremendously.