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Our Instagram scheduling service helps your automate your postings. Simply select your favourite photo, video or stack them together for a reel and select a date to post. It is that simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Especially for entrepreneurs, companies and instagram influencers, scheduling posts helps to optimize the growth on instagram.

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Here is a short overview on how you can actually schedule your posts and plan your feed with massgramer.

  • Connect Account
  • Select Post
  • Add Caption / Hashtags / Location


Scheduling Instagram posts can bring several benefits, including:

    1. Increased efficiency: By scheduling posts in advance, you can save time and be more productive, as you can batch your content creation and publishing activities.
    2.  Improved consistency: Consistently posting on Instagram can help you maintain a strong presence on the platform and keep your followers engaged. Scheduling posts can help you maintain a consistent posting schedule, even if you are unable to post in real-time.
    3. Better planning: Scheduling posts in advance allows you to plan your content calendar, ensuring that you have a mix of content that appeals to your target audience.
    4. Increased reach: By scheduling posts for optimal times, when your audience is most active, you can potentially increase the reach of your posts and attract more engagement.
    5. More control: Scheduling posts gives you more control over your content and publishing schedule, allowing you to publish posts at times that are most convenient for you.

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Most asked questions regarding our Post Scheduler
Yes you can most certainly schedule all kinds of media (photos & videos), including reels.
There is no limit of the amount of posts you can schedule.
Ideally you plan the week ahead on sunday and posts usually get the most attention during lunch time. But that can vary depending on your audience and the timezones they are in. Hence it is important to view your statistic insights.