How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

If you want to know who has blocked you on Instagram, all you have to do is go to the page. If you don’t see any content there, even though the page still exists, you’re blocked. However, this is actually only a good option if you have a concrete suspicion that you have been blocked on Instagram. To get a general overview, you need to proceed differently.

Blocked? 2 ways to find it out

Here is an overview of 2 best ways to tell for sure if someone has blocked you on instagram.

Check on the account

The easiest method is also the most direct: you haven’t seen a person’s posts or likes in your timeline for a long time and now you want to know if you’ve been blocked. If you have a concrete suspicion, the easiest way is to check who has blocked you on Instagram. The first thing to do is to go to the person’s profile.

If, for example, you see that this person has no posts yet and at the same time you see that there are already hundreds of posts, then you have been blocked. But if you can’t see or search the whole profile, you are most likely blocked. So you have to take a detour:

Usually, the blocker and you have mutual acquaintances.

Visit a profile of this friend and see if you can find comments and likes of the blocker there.
Tap on it to open the profile.
If you can’t open it or you see that there are no posts, you have definitely been blocked.
In that case, your only option is to ask the other person to unblock you from Instagram. However, such a blockade is often preceded by a dispute, and you don’t necessarily want to act as a supplicant. In this situation, you should simply accept it.

Other way: To check if the blocker’s profile still exists, you can search the Instagram profile on your computer. If you see the account, you have been blocked. You can also google the instagram profile. If it shows up, the account still exists but blocked you.


Meanwhile, there are apps that allow you to check who has blocked you. They also show you who has unfollowed you. But first things first: these apps are usually not free. For Android smartphones, for example, there is an app called “Follower Insight”. This app costs around 4.99 per month. The complete “purchase” of the app adds up to just under 60 euros! That’s a lot of money for a person with whom we no longer have anything to do, or who no longer wants anything to do with us, isn’t it? And let’s be honest: There’s usually a good reason why we part ways together. Even if it scratches the ego in the first moment – in the end we can be glad not to have to see the person in our home feed every day.

But when using such apps always keep in mind the following aspects:

  • In every Instagram analytics app that doesn’t come directly from Instagram/Facebook, you have to log in with your credentials.
  • Usually, you don’t know who is behind the app and what they do with your login data.
  • Even if the provider is reputable and doesn’t use the data for other purposes, you don’t know if it will be stolen by hackers. And then they can take over your account.

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As a rule, you are not so unpopular that you are regularly blocked again by groups of former followers or followed profiles. In this respect, it is sufficient to check whether you can still see a profile if you have a concrete suspicion.

The apps for Android and iOS at least offer a display of the profiles that have been “lost” – without giving any reasons. This helps when selecting profiles that may need to be checked manually.

If you are willing to spend over 500 Euros per year to have your social media accounts analyzed, a few blockers are the least of your problems.

In this respect, “normal Instagramers” should perhaps just check who has blocked them from time to time, accept that and get on with their lives without getting too upset.

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