Instagram Mother Child Slave Method – Tutorial

Since many people have contacted us to explain the mother child or slave method on instagram, we decided to publish a full guide on it. Here is an overview on how to use this growth hack to increase followers, reach and interaction on your instagram account.


Mother Child Methods Overview

Yes, exactly what your watching in the image is Mother-Child or Mother-Slave method to grow. Let me tell you with a clear sense that what slave or child accounts do, think easily.

Suppose, Kyliejenner is the mother account and others are slave/child.

Basically, there will be multiple Instagram child account. They will be doing the following tasks :

1. Sending Mass DM

Sending Mass direct messages to other people telling “Hey, I liked your cute Instagram page, checkout @kyliejenner ‘s account, I bet you will like her cute feed“. Sending this message to 3500 peoples daily with 100 slaves can make a storm of traffic to Mother account.


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2. Mass Story Q/A Replies

Sending replies to user’s story’s Question Answer (QA) referring to Kylie’s Profile. So it’s like sending Q/A replies to 5000 Stories a day. So when this 5000 users put the Answer in their story, their audience also get known about Kylie from the stories. In 2019, This method worked like a disaster. Unlike now Instagram in 2021, limited the story reply capablities from unlimited to few hundreads a day. So Mother Child method also put his left hand into it. This limit can be eaily avoided with mother child method. And with 1000 slave/child accounts, they can send upto freaking 100K story replies a day toghter!  This can turn a insane growth of Mother Account.


The mother child technique is great for growing your instagram account. Depending on your goals you have to test different methods and see what works best for you. Sending mass dms and mass replying on stories has worked great for us and many users.

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