How to View Instagram Stories Privately: Simple Guide + Tool

Spying on friends, family or other people on Instagram without letting them know has become a very popular thing nowadays. Luckily there are a few ways that allow you to do so without getting noticed.  

3 Ways to View Instagram Stories Privately

Have you always wanted to view Instagram stories from other users privately without getting noticed? Here is an overview of the best methods you can use for viewing them privately.

Block Afterwards

You can also view a story in its entirety and then go directly to the creator’s profile to block them. Wait at least 24 hours until the story is gone before unblocking the account. This way, you will avoid being listed in its statistics. However, the person might go to your profile within the 24 hours and realize they’ve been blocked.

Flight Mode

Open Instagram and wait until all Stories have loaded. You will recognize this by the colored circle around the story.
Now switch to flight mode to cut the connection to the Internet. Make sure that the Wi-Fi is really turned off as well.
Watch the story in flight mode. This way, you won’t show up in the “Seen list.”
Do not turn flight mode back on until you have closed the story.

50 % Swipe & Hold

Want to know what your ex(s) did over the weekend, but don’t want to show up as a viewer on their Story? No problem! With a little skill, you can also view private Insta-Stories anonymously. Here’s how:

Open the Instagram app on your phone and click on the story at the top of the story bar that appears right before the one you want to view secretly. You need to follow the person whose Story you want to spy on, otherwise their post won’t show up in your Story bar. Then hold the image of the uninteresting story with your thumb and carefully slide it to the left. Like two sides of a cube (see photo) you can slide the uninteresting story (very slowly!) out of your screen and the story you secretly want to watch will appear. Small drawback: If you use this stalker trick, you can only look at the first story picture.

#1 Tool: Chrome extension

For Google’s Chrome browser, there is an extension called “Chrome IG Story” that allows users to watch Instagram stories anonymously. With the free extension, you get a bit more out of the function. For instance, the add-on also lets you watch Instagram stories without your online friends noticing. This does not work in the Instagram app on the smartphone. Instagram stories can also be saved on the computer by right-clicking. “Chrome IG Story also allows users to search for stories (users, hashtags, location) or view stories from Instagram channels that they do not follow at all.


There are multiple ways to view someone’s instagram story privately. You can either halft swipe their story, use the chrome plugin or instantly block them after you viewed their story so they do not see you in the statistics. You can also use our software which is easy to use.


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